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The materials included in this website are the property of IPAM Srl, and their reproduction, in whole or in part, is prohibited without prior written consent.
It is permitted to mention the website, the website address and its links, under the condition that Ipam Srl is notified and a written consent is provided.

For further information, please contact:

Administrative Office:
IPAM Srl: via Sincero Bocchi 2, 43010, Zibello (PARMA), ITALY
IPAM Ingredienti Srl: via Sincero Bocchi 2/a, 43010, Zibello (PARMA), ITALY

Legal address:
IPAM Srl and IPAM Ingredienti Srl: via Cairoli 23, 43121, Parma, ITALY

Registration at the Companies Registry of Parma

VAT number
IPAM Srl: 00764570347 
IPAM Ingredienti Srl: 02461560340 

Paid-up share capital
IPAM Srl: 47.018,40 € 
IPAM Ingredienti Srl: 20.000,00 €

IPAM Srl: PR144692
IPAM Ingredienti Srl: PR420623

Sole partner: NO.

IPAM Srl - Via Bocchi 2, 43010, Zibello (PR) - P.IVA 00764570347 - CSV: 47.018,40 € - N° REA PR144962
IPAM Ingredienti Srl - Via Bocchi 2/a, 43010, Zibello (PR) - P.IVA 02461560340 - CSV: 20.000,00 € - N° REA PR240623