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Our mission is to combine creativity, innovation and technology for the development of our products, ensuring at the same time their natural character and environmental sustainability.


Ipam Group aims at maximum customer satisfaction by establishing with them a relationship that goes beyond the traditional customer-supplier dynamics; by focusing on a highly specialized technical and commercial approach; and by offering high-value products which make the difference.

Quality, enthusiasm, experience, flexibility, tradition and innovation are the cornerstones which IPAM Group is on to pursue its objective.


• Contributing to our customers’ success
• Meeting the needs of the consumer
• Satisfying our stakeholders
• Passion for excellence
 • Being innovative
• Transparency and enhancement of human resources
• Working with motivation, in a climate of great teamwork and enthusiasm to build a better future

IPAM Srl - Via Bocchi 2, 43010, Zibello (PR) - P.IVA 00764570347 - CSV: 47.018,40 € - N° REA PR144962
IPAM Ingredienti Srl - Via Bocchi 2/a, 43010, Zibello (PR) - P.IVA 02461560340 - CSV: 20.000,00 € - N° REA PR240623